Billboard also known as hoarding is a large outdoor advertising structure typically found in high traffic areas and busy roads.Billboards typically shows large witty slogans and distinctive visuals.Billboards are generally placed on highways, expressways where they command high density  consumer exposure.
Poster is also a form of billboard advertising, viewed principally by residents and commuter traffic, with some pedestrian exposure.
Following are the Basics to be Kept in mind while designing a billboard.
  • Keep It Clear and Precise-Great communication  is a perfect combination of  length of message and its ease of reading. Avoid Paragraphs and Long texts Six seconds are considered as an industrial standard for viewing a billboard.
  • Be Noticeable, But Not a Distraction - The Job of an advertiser is to catch attention on a busy road and not become a reason for causing accidents.
  • Don't Expect a Direct Response- Billboards are good for Brand Building and Campaign supporting, so don't expect people on call to give you a direct response on the contact details you have mentioned on the billboards. For a detailed interactive communication, prefer a print media, TV commercial or a email campaign.
  • Be smart, but not too clever - Smart billboards grab attention and leave a lasting impression whereas boring billboards are ignored. But don't get too hard on audience. Don't force your audience to think too much to understand your message.
  • Number Game - It is the frequency of billboards which matters a lot to spread an effective campaign. Only one billboard is not that much effective.
  • Be Creative - Take this as an opportunity to create something creative, something eye catchy and  memorable.