‘The world is constantly changing at a rate equivalent to the speed of light!’

This statement triggers almost any and every article which appears in front of your
desperate eyes. Great thinkers, philosophers and think tanks never imagined in their wildest
dreams that communication studies could be a resolute discipline to study. At this age, which
is paramount in its very self, the demand for promoting a business, industry or any entity,
good and effective communication and efficient ‘connect’ with the people-you and me, is
Communication management is like a basket of goodies. The study of how and
why people react to what and when is really very interesting. Core marketing and branding
have taken new shapes and sizes with subjects like integrated marketing communication,
digital marketing, advertisement management, strategic brand management, etc. External
communications are becoming an essential part of a firm, in its very complex nature.
The communication management course combines theory with practice and focuses
on the key areas of internal communications, marketing communications and corporate
Courses like film production and management, radio planning and production,
visual design theories, etc. are a part and parcel of communication studies. Aspects of
communications management include developing corporate communication strategies,
designing internal and external communications directives, and managing the flow of
information, including online communication. New technology forces constant innovation on
the part of communications managers.

Bharat Sahai,
Student, PGDMC
Shanti Communication School (SCS),