There are various communication Electives being Offered in the PGDM-C at Shanti Communication School like Advertising and IMC, Public Relations, Event Management, Strategic Design Management, Account Planning, research Methods, Media law and Ethics, Corporate Communications , Creativity and Advertising etc

Here is a list of few of the Career Options you can opt for after a communications program.

We all live in an age where information is of prime importance and all of us wants to know what is happening  around us and media is the source of information. The media may be in the print form like newspapers and magazines or electronic media like the internet or Audio/Visual media like TV, radio.
Journalists actually are responsible for this information. The people working in Journalism are very presentable and have confident personality, along with the ability to write and present information accurately and concisely. Journalists are able to differentiate between fact and fiction, tact, intelligence, awareness, and interest in current affairs. Politics, art, economics, business, history, sports, entertainment and many other areas are covered by journalists.

Event Management
Events play a major role in our lives. Events touch every aspect of our life starting from School Events like Annual Day functions, inter school Competitions, then comes the college events like cultural festivals and technical festivals. Even in the Corporate, there are annual general meetings, exhibitions, advertising campaigns, annual conferences, product launches and many more corporate activities. Also there are glamour events like fashion shows, cultural programs, talent hunt shows, promotional campaigns etc. Event Management is a Multi disciplinary activity which requires creativity, sincere planning. relationship management and networking, marketing, operations management and much more. People in Event Management have few qualities essentially required in the field like Public relations, Creativity, Marketing Skills, Analytical Skills, Organisational, Networking and Management Skills.
 There are many prospective job openings in the Events industry like Public Relations, Promotions and Marketing, Brand Development, designing, Administration, Production,Logistics etc

Media data Analysis
Its an art of collecting and analyzing data so that company can tailor their marketing and communication strategies accordingly and get the maximum benefits from the inferences and conclusion of the Market research.
The person who handles media data analysis is a highly trained professional who analyses the data using various statistical tools and mathematical calculations to determine the best marketing and communication strategy to profit the business.
In the business arena, media analysis may involve the analysis of sales trends, consumer preference trends, media trends, brand effectiveness and other consumer based Market research. 
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