I had been preparing for more than two years to get into the most coveted college of the country in the field of Marketing Communications, MICA. I couldn't make into it this year, too. Eventually, I decided to move on, because a college cannot be the ultimate aim. It is just one of the roadways to your destination. I decided to choose another less traveled one. Though I never wanted to compromise with my area of interest and the specialization I wanted for my MBA.

Now, it's been exactly a month since the beginning of the college, Shanti Communication School. And I would like to admit that it's been a lot more satisfying and insightful to be here than what I've expected. Let me start with the induction program we had. All the faculties were acquainting us with the pedagogy of the course. Each faculty was teaching us the 'Case Method of Learning' for different subjects we had. We've got to learn the different approaches for solving a problem. Faculties explained the things we should make sure about and the helpful habits we should inculcate throughout the program. Additionally, we had motivational and spiritual sessions to face all the adversaries of life (some precautions!). But I must say, those were soothing and ecstatic ones.

Finally, our course commenced after an amazing induction program. Faculties started taking their respective subjects and we guys were also developing a rapport with them. We, the Communication students, need to attend the general MBA classes for the first six months. Thus, one thing I was apprehensive about was that I needed to study Accounts in my first trimester. Debit and credit was always been mystery for me. To my surprise, I was having a great time in Accounting classes. The reason was the humorous, supportive and enthusiastic faculty we had. His commendable comic timing was making it one of the most happening classes among all. How can I forget to mention the special blithesome events we had, like Janmashthmi, Independence Day celebrations and Clean N Clear Fresh Face competition, in which students showcased some stupendous talents they had. One very unique thing this college is catering is the Mentoring Sessions by the faculties of your specialization. This program is one of its kind and gives an opportunity to grow teacher-student relationships.
Then came the moment I've been waiting for. It was the introductory lecture of Marketing Communications which was conducted by the 'Lord of Advertising', that is how our seniors had rechristened Prof. Alan D'souza as. In the beginning, our seniors introduced themselves, and shared their experiences of working under the tutelage of him. I must say, they confessed so many things without a bit hesitation. Alan Sir took the stage and shared with us the story of how he has persevered his journey of life. He told us how he had worked really hard to get into IIMA and then after working with few renowned companies he joined a small agency called Mudra Advertising (now DDB Mudra).

At the very time, when he told us the story of founding MICA, I literally had the goosebumps. I seriously couldn't hear or feel anything else at that moment. I felt like my life has completed a full circle of fate. Everything was crystal clear to me. I've got all the answers of why anything else didn't happen. There is no need to worry anymore. Because everything is planned and destined. I just need to give the best I can. And most importantly, I must have to ENJOY whatever I'm going to do!

Kavish Shah
PGDM-C (2014-2016)
Shanti Communication School